Case Study | Symplast MultiMedia Manager Saves 10 Minutes per Patient

The Symplast MultiMedia Manager saves up to 3 hours per day for a plastic surgery practice

“Not only does Symplast save me 10 minutes per patient, it transforms my smartphone into an all-in-one multimedia tool that can capture, upload and share HD photos and videos instantaneously with the patient!”

–Tania Feliciano, Certified Surgical Technologist


Tania Feliciano is a Certified Surgical Technologist at Suria Plastic Surgery in Plantation, Florida. She also serves as a Medical Assistant, checking patients in and prepping them for their procedures. Before switching to Symplast, taking patient photos was an inefficient process. Tania would need to use a hi-res camera to take the photos; upload the files to her laptop; save the images onto her computers Desktop location; log into their medical software and access the patient’s chart; then upload the files from the laptop to the patient’s chart.

Symplast allows Tania to share any photos or videos she wants to, with the simple click of a button. Patients can view their files on their free Symplast Patient App, available on the iTunes and Google Play stores. “Patients are amazed at what we can do with Symplast. For example, instead of giving a patient four pages of instructions for bandage removal, I can take a quick :15 second video while I do the initial post-op bandaging in the exam room. I upload the video instantly to their Symplast Patient App, and they can view it anytime they need to. It also helps with liability issues, as we can now take video consents. It’s incredible!”

Want to learn more about how Symplast improved Tania’s daily workflow?  Download the Full Case Study.

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