Case Study | Symplast Saves Up to 4 Hours per Week for Front Office Coordinator Lisa Roca

“I save almost 4 hours a week with Symplast. That’s time I now spend engaging with patients and selling more spa products.”

— Lisa Roca


Lisa Roca is the Front Office Coordinator for Suria Plastic Surgery, located in Plantation, Florida. Suria, like many plastic surgery practices, has a med spa built into it. Lisa is the sole coordinator in the office, handling all patient communication and administrative duties. She has worked in different healthcare practices for over 25 years.

Before Symplast, handling faxes could get somewhat overwhelming when the office was busy. Lisa would need to navigate back and forth between her email inbox, her computer’s hard drive, and the medical software her practice was using at the time. It took her approximately 30-45 seconds to properly review, assign and save each fax to a patient’s file.

“You can tell the File Sorter was designed by someone who understands the specific workflow of a front office coordinator. Everything can be done right here on one screen, with the simple click of a button. It’s so much more convenient than the old way of doing it. With Symplast, what once took me 30 to 45 seconds now takes me 5 seconds. I’m able to get more done and spend more time engaging and interacting with our patients.”

“I don’t need to go digging through individual patient charts like in our previous medical software. Everything I need is right there. Before, if a patient came in and asked about their lab history, I would need to open up their chart and scroll down, searching for any pathology reports and opening each one until I found the right document. With Symplast, I have the option of searching the pathology reports for the entire practice all at once. So I don’t need to comb through pages of data to find what I’m looking for. And the faster I can get that information, the happier our patients are.”

Want to learn more about how Symplast improved Lisa’s daily workflow? Download the Full Case Study.

Watch the video case study here.

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