NJ Wazaney Appointed New CEO of Symplast

NJ Wazaney - President & CEO

Healthcare Software Startup Expands Wazaney’s Role to President & CEO


Symplast, the first Health IT software that can run an entire aesthetic practice from any smartphone, has announced the appointment of NJ Wazaney as their new CEO, effective immediately.

NJ Wazaney joined Symplast in June 2016 as the President. His successful background in both the aesthetic industry as well as with healthcare startups enabled him to make an immediate impact upon his arrival to Symplast. The company surpassed its sales forecast goals for 2016, and is on track for even greater revenue projections in 2017.

“I’ve experienced first-hand what it takes to bring a startup to the next level,” Wazaney explained. “It starts with the people, the culture, and the leadership. I’m proud of the tremendous strides our company has made in the short amount of time since joining. I am honored to have the opportunity to lead the Symplast team at this exciting time in our journey. We will optimize our go-to-market strategy, developing new solutions for our customers with a tremendous offering created by an inspiring Founder. The team recognizes the unique opportunity they have to help transform practice management and patient engagement with forward thinking technology. 2017 will be a banner year for Symplast.”

Shashi Kusuma, M.D., the Founder and Chairman of Symplast, shared his thoughts on this appointment: “It’s been an incredible journey over the last 4 years where a belief became a vision, a vision became a mission, that mission delivered a proof of concept, and the concept became validated in the market. Our company made quick strides after the arrival of NJ. We saw positive changes across the entire organization, attracted amazing talent, and exceeded our goals with exquisite focus and execution. I am fully confident in his leadership to steer our company towards greatness to serve humanity, delight customers, bring innovation, reward our investors and affect millions of lives and transform an industry. ”

NJ Wazaney specializes in bringing non-branded products, services and companies to market. He has over 25 years of experience with startups as well as Fortune 500 companies, primarily in the medical industry. He possesses an in-depth knowledge across numerous categories in the medical device and corporate communications industries. Prior to Symplast, Wazaney served as Vice President, Portfolio Solutions at Merz North America, along with various companies including Ulthera, Bard Peripheral, Ballard Medical, Kimberly-Clark, CardioDynamics, Cardiva, IDEV, TYRX and MCI/Worldcom.


For more information about Symplast, please contact sales@symplast.com or call (954) 798-8520.


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