How Telehealth has Given My Aesthetic Business a Competitive Advantage during COVID-19

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has forced most plastic surgeons to begin offering virtual consultations, a growing number of forward-thinking doctors are beginning to leverage the full spectrum of telehealth to their advantage.
Join plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Whitfield, as he explains how he has been incorporating true telehealth into his aesthetic business, including:
• HIPAA secure texting
• Sharing of standardized videos
• Virtual follow-ups
• Multimedia file sharing

Webinar attendees will learn how to:
• Fully understand the difference between “virtual consultations” and “telehealth
• Successfully implement telehealth best practices into their workflows
Telehealth tactics for post-COVID success

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Telehealth kept your practice alive during the immediate coronavirus pandemic. As aesthetic businesses begin to reopen, telehealth can continue to support restricted schedules for in-office visits. Cloud-based communication tools for both external (to patients) and internal (to staff) have always been a modern and efficient option for small businesses.