What Symplast Users Are Saying


Dr. Renato Saltz

Saltz Plastic Surgery & Saltz Spa Victoria

Salt Lake City & Park City, UT

“We have been able to consolidate all of the softwares in order to work with one comprehensive solution. Symplast has everything we need from EHR and billing to telehealth and a patient app, we have been able to really improve our offerings and communication internally and with patients. Beyond that,

with Symplast, I don’t have to worry about paper charts and I’m able to carry my entire practice with me at all times. Our practice has never been more streamlined and efficient, we were all able to learn one software with one platform that allows every staff member to do their job better and increases efficiency. Something that really makes a difference with Symplast is that the communication is always open so if my patient has a question in the middle of the night or after office hours, we can still communicate through the app. With a quick button click I can access their entire patient file, all of the notes from our previous encounters and their entire medical history. I can answer their questions without having to remember specifics, I can just check their file! Symplast has allowed me to make my patient experience top notch. Symplast’s lead management solution has allowed us to track, engage with, and convert more leads than we ever thought possible. We are able to see the individual lead marketing channels and how they are performing. This is something we never thought possible, but Symplast has it figured out. We are able to follow up with every single lead that enters our system and track them throughout their life cycle. Our practice now runs seamlessly, and our patients are really loving the connection we have with them through the patient app.” 


Dr. James C. Grotting

Grotting Plastic Surgery

Birmingham, AL

“Symplast has been transformative for my aesthetic practice! I love having everything securely on my cellphone including EMR and photos accessible from anywhere. Symplast keeps me organized and in touch with every aspect of my practice. No regrets!


Dr. Jennifer Walden

Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center
The MedSpa at NW Hills

Austin, Texas

“Symplast has provided my team and me with personalized support as they recently helped us transition from Nextech. They are responsive to an ever-changing market, and are committed to my practice’s success on the platform

“I was an early adopter of Symplast when I was looking for a cutting edge platform for all aspects of my surgical practice several years ago. It has exceeded my expectations. The functionality of Symplast is simply unsurpassed and it just keeps getting better. From the scheduling, the intake, and all other documentation, medical records, virtual consultations (one of my favorites), and the multitude of tasks it can perform since the implementation – our practice just runs so much more efficiently. The support has also been exemplary. It was like using a MAC when you were a WINDOWS person. Once you get it, you wonder how you ever used your previous operating system. Thank you, Symplast!

Dr. Steve Fagien

Aesthetic Eyelid Plastic Surgery

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Dr. Jennifer Walden

Plastic Surgeon

Walden Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center
The MedSpa at NW Hills

“Christy empowered my staff and me, and made sure staff understood how to communicate this transition to prospective patients in a courteous and effective manner. Not many (if any) EMR companies offer such personalized support to the business owner and staff. Thanks Christy, and thank you Symplast Team for supporting me and my staff during this time!”

Why MedSpas Choose Symplast

“I recommend Symplast to clients both plastic surgeons and medical spa owners who want robust functionality, reporting and simplicity of use to improve the patient experience.”

Terri Ross

CEO, APX by Terri Ross

“The Symplast Online Scheduling tool has changed our practice! We’ve used other online booking solutions, but the incredible amount of customization and control that Symplast allows is a must-have for any medical spa.”

Chris Balbi

Meesha Aesthetics Medical Spa

“We were introduced to Symplast at The AmSpa show in Vegas. We were really impressed with all that it offered and even more excited after completing the demo call. Symplast allowed us to combine several systems and meet all of our needs in a much more user friendly way. The patient app gives us so much flexibility and allows us to stay in contact with everyone easily. We are looking forward to seeing how much more streamlined our Practice will be with the addition of Symplast.”

Jo Romaine

Medical Aesthetics of Virginia

“We chose Symplast as our software due to its user-friendly interface and wide range of features available to utilize. It has exceeded our expectations and allowed our business to run 10x smoother while keeping us organized and fully functional. Being able to provide our nurses with real-time orders has completely changed the game for us and is a vital feature for the aesthetic industry. We couldn’t have chosen a better software for our needs, and we recommend Symplast to any MedSpa owner looking to improve functionality and user-experience within their practice.”

Audrey Rose

AgeLess WeighLess

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Jospeh Russo

Dr. Joseph Russo

Plastic Surgeon

Joseph Russo, MD

“We signed on with Symplast right away, and we’re happy that we did. Over the last few years it’s been an amazing resource for us. It allows my practice to run our medspa in a compliant fashion.”

Why Plastic Surgeons Choose Symplast

“I want to talk a little bit about Symplast. We made the change about a year and a half ago, actually right before COVID, and the timing couldn’t have been better for us. Symplast really helped us implement our virtual consultation process. Patients can upload their own pictures, we can do our virtual consults through the app, and I have all the pictures in front of me when they come back later. This is especially helpful as we typically will do another virtual pre-op for all of our out-of-town patients. Another added bonus is that Symplast is phenomenal from a patient standpoint. We can actually share any of the surgery videos, any of the before and after pictures with our patients seamlessly through the system. Thank you, Symplast!

Dr. Johnny Franco

Austin Plastic Surgeon

“Plastic Surgery Specialists is a large aesthetic plastic surgery practice in Northern California. We have 3 board certified plastic surgeons, a surgery center, a busy MedSpa and 25 team members. We have had the same practice management /EMR provider for 15 years and overall it has served us well. However, due to the fact that we did not feel our system has provided new services commensurate with their escalating fees we considered making a switch to a “state of the art” operating system. We feel that Symplast is that company, and after endorsements from several of our colleagues with similar practices we have made the change as well. Change is hard but sometimes it is necessary.”

Dr. Stanley Poulos

Plastic Surgery Specialists

“We have been using Symplast for 2 years. Due to an unfortunate situation, we originally opted out of the on site training and watched videos and had a brief online training when we implemented Symplast into our brand new practice. Symplast was easy enough to learn those methods, but we knew that because we didn’t get the more in depth training, we weren’t using it to its fullest capabilities and ultimately needed more training. Christy Perry came to our rescue. Christy was very experienced in not only Symplast, but as a past practice manager, injector, consultant, and scrub tech. She understood all areas we were needing help with.  She helped us fine tune our reporting, our EHR notes, our inventory, billing, scheduling etc. Christy helped us remember why we chose Symplast in the beginning.”

Mindee Chidester

Dr. Jerry Chidester, M.D. Plastic & Hand Surgery

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Dr. Elsa Raskin

Plastic Surgeon

Elsa Raskin, MD Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

“I truly believe that Symplast makes me a better doctor because I am aware of what’s going on at all times. I’m thinking about my patients at all times.”

“Symplast was a clear winner amongst all the other EMR’s I sampled. It is extremely user friendly – not only for myself and my staff but also for my patients. Symplast is specifically designed for plastic surgeons and conveniently integrates everything that plastic surgeons use on a daily basis. Everything from inventory of injectables, building quotes, storing before and after pictures, lead management and more…are all totally seamless. The onboarding process was very straightforward. I’m very happy I made the switch to Symplast!”

Dr. Ariel Ourian

Ourian Plastic Surgery

“We wanted to expand our EHR for our cosmetic services. We were looking for ease of use, ability to take pictures and upload into the chart effectively, and sign consents electronically. After extensive research, Symplast supplied all that and much more! We are excited to use Symplast to expand our growing cosmetic services.”

Dr. Lena Nguyen

The Women's Health Center

Symplast Features That Transform Practices


Dr. Tim Sayed

Tim Sayed, MD

Newport Beach & La Jolla, CA

“I made the transition to Symplast after careful consideration. Our pain points in an aesthetic practice included wanting a modern patient engagement experience for photo and video sharing, telemedicine visits, cosmetic quoting, photo management, and marketing tools through a single platform. Since our implementation of Symplast, we have gone nearly paperless and are giving feedback to the development team to

help them further optimize custom intake tools which can revolutionize the aesthetic office. Already we have eliminated medical history duplicate data entry by staff and scanning of documents using Symplast’s front end integration to third-party intake tools. Symplast’s recruitment of top analytics and business intelligence experts has helped them build excellent reporting and tracking modules and there is much excitement on the horizon for new features. The team has the vision and energy to continue building their highly usable end-to-end patient and doctor user experience, built for mobile devices and modern workflows, that will really stand out as a top solution for aesthetic practices.”


Dr. Robert Whitfield

Robert Whitfield

Austin, TX

“After getting the brief overview by Facundo I changed from an EMR with which I had 28months left on the contract. The messaging function and virtual functionality are superior to everything on the market. Symplast continues to innovate whether it is our request for business intelligence or for scheduling with our spa. They’re always responsive and customer-centric like we are at my practice”.


Dr. Nirav Savalia

Newport Beach Center for Plastic Surgery

Orange County, CA

“In the past, we had to cobble together various software from various vendors to try to create a “Frankenstein” system that never truly met all our needs – and cost an arm and leg. Since switching to Symplast, I finally feel that my practice has entered the modern, mobile era. Remote intake and completion of patient demographics, insurance information, electronic forms, consent forms, and patient reminders have cut my front desk

staff’s work in half. Virtual consultations and follow ups have allowed us to stay agile and on top of our work throughout these crazy times. The ability to be truly mobile, and work from any device, any where, any time, and be able to accomplish EVERY patient or practice task has literally saved us hours of time every week. The biggest game changer for us has been patient communication via the patient facing app – HIPAA compliant message of text, images, and videos, all stored as part of the patients’ charts – and our patients feel cared for around the clock, knowing they can easily reach us with a quick text. All of this, plus a customer care team that has been beyond responsive, at all hours of the day.”

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Renee Harrison

Practice Administrator at Baumholtz Plastic Surgery

San Antonio, TX

“The patients really do like that we’re able to share information with them right away using the Symplast App.”

"Symplast is constantly innovating and had been offering virtual consultations and telehealth even before COVID-19. Excited about the new technology, we had been offering virtual consults since Symplast released the feature. Heading into the challenges of 2020, having that technology continually available helped us not only react, but excel. The virtual consults are easy to use for our patients and save so much time for our practice."
Heather Gear
Providence Plastic Surgery, Charlotte, NC
"Symplast helps me run my practice more efficiently not only as a physician, but as a business owner. The fact that I can view my schedule and detailed patient EHR information wherever I am, right on my smartphone is a game changer. The digital intakes and patient messaging makes running the practice itself seamless. Beyond that, since implementing Symplast, I've seen my return on investment, not just through financial growth, but through patient satisfaction as well."
Dr. Robert Rothfield
Weston Plastic Surgery, Weston, FL

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Dr. Luis A. Rios

Rios Center for Plastic Surgery

Edinburg, TX

“Step into the future now! Elevate your practice, patient experience, and patient care to the next level with the best EHR for plastic surgery! You will never look back!”


Dr. Ben Eskra

Eskra Plastic Surgery

Kinston, NC

 “I have recently transitioned my plastic surgery practice from being an employed physician to a solo private practice that does both cosmetic and insurance-reimbursed reconstructive plastic surgery. I have years of experience with multiple different electronic health records. I have adapted to all of them, but sometimes with a great deal of workarounds to get them to work for a plastic surgery practice. I have also used one years ago made specifically for plastic surgery, but I found it unnecessarily complex

with a lot of legacy technology that did not seem to adapt to modern, cloud-based technology well. That EHR also required extra payments for add on modules and support. Also, with all of the EHRs, if something wasn’t working, or if we had issues, it took forever to get a hold of someone, and the answer was often that nothing could be done to change or improve that functionality. And just forget about trying to get new features added. So, I spent a lot of time researching EHRs, hoping to find the least worse option. However, I was very pleasantly surprised to find Symplast that was clearly purpose-built for plastic surgery practices and embraced the latest in technology with no software bloat from a legacy server-based system. The pricing was straightforward with no hidden charges or expensive add-ons for support. One demonstration ended my search, and I signed up for Symplast. However, once I got into using it on a daily basis for my busy practice, I went from being pleasantly surprised by the software to being blown away by how well-designed and intuitive it is. The training and setup could not have been better and all done remotely on my time schedule. The financial functionality for invoices and estimates is second to none, and it makes taking payments and applying loyalty rewards points so simple. Creating and editing note templates is also very straightforward. Adding products and procedures into the system is also quick and easy. There have been times where I haven’t known how to do something, but I just start trying to work through it in the way that makes the most sense to me, and that is almost always the answer of how to do it. If not, it’s usually simpler than how I envisioned it. Best of all, I have one support person assigned to my practice who is literally always available to me and is just a quick text, email or call away. Christine has been so unbelievably helpful and has always gotten me straightened out quickly. The icing on the cake is that the software is constantly improving. We do an app update and all of a sudden the functionality has improved. They are also open to suggestions on new features, and I’m told that most of the features that have been added come directly from its users. I cannot say enough good things about Symplast. I truly believe that it is now the gold standard for plastic surgery EHRs.”

Jospeh Russo

Dr. Joseph Russo

Joseph Russo, MD

Newton, MA

“The thing that makes Symplast different from every other software on the list is their vision, passion, and commitment to leveraging disruptive technology in a user-friendly experience. Sympalst isn’t afraid to challenge conventional thinking. The fact that their founder is a fellow plastic surgeon also resonates and has created a real grassroots movement for our colleagues to take control back from the IT entrepreneurs who have saddled us with cumbersome solutions.”

Image from iOS (1)_Yates

Dr. York Yates

Dr. York Yates Plastic Surgery

Layton, UT

“I have been using Symplast for a little over a year. It has been a game-changer for my practice. I thought we were doing things well, but Symplast has taken our patient communication, staff productivity, and financial accountability to another level. Symplast has allowed us to seamlessly automate many of the tireless processes of scheduling and receiving a patient. Our patients arrive to the office prepared. I am more productive and enjoy the “paperwork” part of being a plastic

surgeon more than I ever thought possible. But my favorite aspect of Symplast is mobility. Having my medical records, prescriptions, financials, photos and all patient correspondence in the palm of my hand anywhere in the world has been life-changing. I would recommend Symplast to any plastic surgeon, particularly those specializing in cosmetic procedures.“

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Dr. Adam Schaffner

Adam Schaffner, MD, FACS

New York City, NY

“Symplast has been an invaluable tool to my practice. I would strongly recommend that all plastic surgeons evaluate Symplast to see how it may benefit them and their patients. “