VADIM KOYSTINEN   |   Symplast Lead Mobile Architect   WHAT IS ‘KANBAN’? Kanban is Japanese for “visual signal” or “card.” In the 1940s, Toyota line-workers used a kanban (i.e., an actual card) to signal steps in…

Shashi Kusuma, M.D. Discusses Cyber Security in ASAPS Webinar

Shashi Kusuma, M.D., Founder and Chairman of Symplast, will be included in the ASAPS educational webinar Cyber Security - Are You and Your Patients Protected?.   Tuesday April 18th, 8:30pm EST / 5:30pm PST     WEBINAR OVERVIEW You've…

White Paper: How Smartphones Are Improving Patient Engagement

Everything you’ve hated about the old rules of engagement will soon be going away: no more patient portals, no more structured fields for entering patient data. The future of patient engagement is smartphone simplicity.