Symplast Adds Mobile e-Prescribing

Create, manage and update e-prescriptions from the Symplast iOS app

Fort Lauderdale, FLSymplast, the only mobile-first EHR/Practice Management platform that empowers plastic surgeons and patients, announced that it has completed Surescripts certification through DoseSpot and now offers robust mobile e-Prescription from the Symplast iOS app.

“As the only mobile-first, comprehensive platform for cash-primary plastic surgery, the ability to integrate with an app-friendly vendor like DoseSpot was a perfect fit,” said Facundo Formica, CEO/CTO, Symplast. “This mobile e-Prescription reinforces the paradigm shift Symplast continues to pioneer in aesthetics, addressing existing industry pain points through groundbreaking mobile technology.”

Through this partnership with DoseSpot, Symplast users are equipped to:

  • Safely and efficiently send prescriptions electronically to more than 65,000 pharmacies
  • Automatically check for dangerous drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions
  • Aggregate prescription history data from community pharmacies in addition to patient medication claims history from payers and pharmacy benefit managers
  • Request information on patient insurance eligibility and formulary at the time of prescribing
  • Prescribe Schedule II narcotics and receive a unique token
  • Save ‘Favorite’ prescription line items for future use

Mobile e-Prescription is now available for all Symplast users.

About Symplast

Founded by plastic surgeons in 2013, Symplast is the only mobile-first EHR/Practice Management platform that empowers patients and automates the end-to-end clinical and operational workflows of an aesthetic practice. From check-in to charting, scheduling to marketing, Symplast increases productivity, patient retention and patient referrals through proprietary AI-based breakthroughs. For more information, please visit or contact