EHR Migration Q&A with Dr. Whitlock

Cosmetic surgeon and Symplast customer Dr. Bryan Whitlock sits down to answer common questions that aesthetic doctors and owners have when thinking of switching from their old EMR to a new EHR.
Dr. Whitlock recently switched from PatientNOW to Symplast. Symplast migrated his 9 years worth of patient data from his old PatientNOW server to his new Symplast cloud.

Dr. Bryan Whitlock is a paying Symplast customer and is in no way compensated for this.

How long did you have PatientNOW before you decided to switch?

9 years.

Why did you decide to look for a new EHR?

My renewal fee was coming up for PatientNOW.

How big of a concern was migrating all of your data to your new EHR?

3 out of 5.

What data types were you able to migrate into Symplast?

  • Patient demographics
  • Patient appointments (past, present, future)
  • EHR clinical notes
  • Patient multimedia files

Did your practice have a clear understanding of what the process would be when switching to Symplast?


Besides data migration, what else would you rank as critical to a successful EHR transition?

On-site personnel for our go-live, and thorough virtual training in preparation for the go-live.

Having the Symplast Implementation specialists physically on-site with us when our practice went live was invaluable. It provided the confidence and assurance to every single practice member as we were dealing with a hectic two-and-a-half days with our clinic day and patient visits.

In addition, the virtual training sessions that Symplast conducted with my staff was incredibly powerful, and helped prepare us for a very successful go-live.

How long were the Symplast specialists on-site with you?

2 and a half days.

What advice would you give other plastic surgeons and med spa owners who are hesitant to switch to a new EHR?

Most of the data items from your old EMR can be migrated over. You can keep your old EMR server available for any occasional references as needed. The advantages of this new system far outweigh the perceived conveniences of staying with your old EHR.

Would you recommend Symplast to other aesthetic business owners?

I would absolutely recommend switching to Symplast!

How can Symplast transform your practice?