By Practice Managers: How To Succeed After Covid-19

Join this virtual event featuring a panel of Aesthetic Practice Managers from around the country as they discuss life after COVID, trends and observations that every Office Administrator should be aware of, and tips for adjusting to the “new normal” in aesthetics. Register now for this interactive session hosted by Symplast.

Featured panelists include:
Shirlee Wilson
○ Facility Administrator | Patient Consultant
○ New Jersey Plastic Surgery
○ Works for Dr. Barry DiBernardo

Cynthia Durieux
○ Practice Manager
○ San Antonio Cosmetic Surgery
○ Works for Dr. Delio Ortegon

Chris Balbi
○ Director of Marketing & Scheduling
○ Meesha Aesthetics Medical Spa

Greg Hartle
○ Former Aesthetic Practice Manager with 10+ years experience
Symplast Customer Success Manager

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