Symplast EHR
Streamline patient encounters with lightweight, actionable charting. Speed things up by writing or dictating EHR notes from customizable templates, or add your own.
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Practice Management
Free up hours of time across your practice with online appointment requests, a digital new patient intake porortal, and HIPAA- secure automated appointment reminders.
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Patient App
Give your patients peace of mind by staying in touch with them through real-time, two-way, HIPAA-secure messaging, media sharing, appointment reminders, and more.
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Marketing Analytics
Symplast boasts the best data so you can get the best results! Ensure no lead goes unchecked with our Advanced KPI Analytical Dashboard. Stay front-of-mind with in-app promotions and more.
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Media Management
Doctors, patients, and staff alike can securely share images, video, and files with the push of a button. Easily tag media for marketing purposes, and keep it all organized with a global catalogue.
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Insurance & Billing
Know exactly where your patients are in their payment cycles at a glance. Be efficient with easy invoices, insurance codes and shortcuts, and use pre-made templates or make your own.
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Symplast has you covered

The truly comprehensive solution for plastic surgeons and med-spas. Offering countless cross-platform, cloud-based features for every part of your patient journey and every part of your practice, Symplast truly does have you, your practice, and your patients covered.  


Electronic Health Record

Symplast’s EHR is everything you need to safely, securely, and comfortably communicate with patients, chart, stay organized, and more

EHR multimedia documentation

EHR Macro Text Templates

Mobile e-Prescription

Digital H&P

Live virtual consultations

Voice dictation

ICD-10 and CPT Insurance coding

Easily view, update, and confirm prescription orders. Send prescriptions off to pharmacies with the push of a button. View lab orders and e-share results with patients and seamlessly update EHR notes with results.

HIPAA secure live video appointments  

Seamlessly interwoven into the Symplast workflows 

No external links or separate software needed 

Capture screenshots that are added to the patient’s file 

Available at no additional cost to all Symplast users 

Offer Virtual consultations and follow-ups 


Say It With Dictation and Transcription

Practice Management

Online appointment requests, automated appointment reminders, and an easy-to-use patient flow make knowing where each patient is in their service lifecycle effortless. Freeing up hours and giving patients peace of mind allows you to focus on what matters. 

Give patients the control and allow them to communicate their needs and availability based on your schedule. 

Online Appointment Requests give patients control in choosing available times and dates for their appointments. 

Symplast Automated Appointment Slot Finder fills in availability based on each practitioner’s schedule and even practice location. 

Automated Appointment Reminders (email & text)   

Digital ‘New Patient’ Intake Portal 

One-touch On-Boarding of Patient App  

Mobile e-Sign Forms 

Set appointment lengths to keep everyone on track – and customize those lengths for telehealth. 

Never miss a beat! Keep your practice and patients on the same page with our beyond intuitive, state-of-the-art practice flow. Easily move patients along their visit and even monitor virtual consults and visits. 

See where patients are in their process 

Monitor any holdups 

Set reminders and timers 

Set up custom “rooms” to match your practice set-up 

Easily view patient files from the flow 

It takes a lot to keep your practice running! Assign roles and different access levels to your team to keep everyone focused. 


Practice Flow

Never miss a beat! Keep your practice and patients on the same page with our beyond intuitive, state-of-the-art practice flow. Easily move patients along their visit and even monitor virtual consults and visits. 

Patient App

Patients are increasingly frustrated with current online portals, registration, and forgotten passwords. Symplast is designed to keep up with your patients’ busy lifestyles. Stay connected with real-time, two-way, HIPPA-secure messaging and sharing. Extend the lifecycle and stay front-of-mind with in-app promotions and notifications.

  • Send standardized welcome videos to establish a remote touchpoint
  • Chat securely in real-time, sharing text, images, videos, or audio files
  •   Review images and documents patients upload from their app pre-consult
  • Conduct a live, HIPAA secure virtual consultation via Video Visit
  • Share the cosmetic quote to their app 
  • Share a personalized video made just for that patient after consultation 
  • Document critical portions of the procedure on video and share to their app
  • Create in-app marketing campaigns to generate new revenue from existing patients 
  • Provide easy-to-share multimedia albums for increased patient referrals

Made Easy With One-Touch On Boarding

Easily connect your patients to the Symplast Patient App. An invitation will be automatically sent to them via their preferred mode of communication. Once they have logged into the app, their phone will remember the password and the rest of the setup is simple, intuitive, and remote. 

Made With Them In Mind

Just like the Practice app is made with Plastic Surgeons, Medical Spa Technicians, Nurses, and Practice Managers in mind, the Patient App is designed for intuitive user interaction specifically to help your patients feel more connected and in control. With in-app reminders, a comprehensive, editable, and shareable media library, a safe place to e-sign and store forms, and HIPP-secure two-way communication – there’s worrying about the next step. 

Opt In SMS Message for Symplast Patient App

Marketing Analytics

We are not a marketing company, but Symplast wants you to grow and is designed to help you track your leads, offer in-app promotions and gift cards to patients, and organize your media for marketing purposes. 

Revolutionize your offerings with in-app marketing campaigns – that allow you to target individuals, specific demographics. 


  • Automated “Happy Birthday” emails and SMS text messages
  • Revolutionary In-App Marketing Campaigns sent directly to the Patient App
  • Send promotions to individuals as well as specific demographic groups

Track your referrals with multi-level referral source tracking

Qualify leads based on temperate to ensure no lead goes unchecked

Check referral source revenue reports

Easily classify your patients and prospects

Carry your through the entire sales funnel

Keep your patients engaged with targeted TV loops

Esaily tag photos and export for social media based on those tags

Integration with MedicalPRM allows for most accurate data reporting.

Media Management

Securely and easily sharing and unsharing photos, videos, documents and more is what Symplast’s Media Librrary is all about. From photo tagging to remote collaboration and more, Symplast helps you level up your marketing, keep your customers informed, and eases communication across your whole practice.

Photo and video tagging means you can find exactly what you’re looking for, right when you need it, no matter where you are.

Symplast’s media sharing capabilities allow you to fully extend the patient lifecycle and to help them feel comfortable through their entire aesthetic journey. Making custom welcome videos for patients and sending them via the patient app helps patients feel even more connected. Beyond that, patients can share updates with you throughout their entire process!

Symplast’s true-cloud capabilities allow you to take photos and view them on your Symplast app no matte where you are. Take a screenshot during a telehealth visit and upload it directly to a patient file or grab a snapshot of a retail product and send it to your patient as a recommendation. Sharing and communication are simplified with Symplast.

Upgraade your marketing strategy with Sympalst. Photo tagging, photo consent forms, and social media marketing are simplified with Symplast. Search custom photo tags and export directly to social media and other marketing channels to reach more patients!

Insurance & Billing

Cash-based? Insurance-based? Both? Retail? Symplast does it all! Easily Generate e-claims, use forms, scan in your own bills, and choose necessary billing codes with your own shortcuts. Beyond that Symplast helps you ensure necessary regulations are met – updating automatically for all cloud-based procedures.

  • Harvest your claims without the redundancy of double entry or duplicate data. All of the information entered into Symplast is pushed to the medical billing clearing house portal, saving you time and providing higher visibility on your reimbursements.
  • Enter billing codes on the go while charting across all devices
  • Integrated with medical billing clearing house TRIZETTO
  • Customizable ‘Favorites’ list of codes
  • Integrated ICD-10 and CPT code database
  • Billers Inbox for exporting data
  • Attach Modifiers and Units