Live Demo of Symplast: The Comprehensive Solution You've Been Missing

*Please note that this live demo webinar is from April 2021. Symplast is constantly improving and many of our features have been updated. If you’d like to see a recent demo, please contact our team at 

Join Symplast’s Senior Practice Analyst, Randy Torban, and Chief Revenue Officer, Izhak Musli as they do a live demo. Together they will walk you through the intuitive comprehensive app for Plastic Surgeons and MedSpas. This Demo will highlight some of our newest features and is a must-see for any doctors, nurses, anesthetists, practice managers, and MORE! Talking points to include:

1.     A walk-through of the complete app – hitting on the Practice Management, Electronic Patient Health Records, Patient Communication App, Insurance Claims and Billing, Advanced KPI Analytical Dashboard, and Comprehensive Media Gallery.

2.    Example use cases of how the app can help your entire practice or medical spa in its everyday functions.

3.    A special look at the analytics part of the all-in-one solution and how those analytics can help you grow your practice.

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