Symplast & OptiCall: Maximizing the Revenue from Every “Micro Moment” with Prospects

Within the first 30 seconds of an initial phone call, a patient will make the important decision of whether to proceed with your practice or to look elsewhere.
We will be reviewing mystery shop calls on this webinar to get a barometer on the experience most practices are providing for new prospective patients.
The greatest opportunity for you to capitalize on the leads you are generating and to set your practice aside from other practice’s, is to provide the ultimate customer service experience for your potential future patients. We will be providing the roadmap from OptiCall’s experience of handling over 2 million leads since 2002 to optimize these opportunities into consultations with consistency.

Our guest speaker is the VP of Marketing at OptiCall – Dylan Kemna. Dylan worked with a marketing agency that used OptiCall for practices before joining the team 12 years ago. Dylan is the founder of the Plastic Surgery Marketing group on Linkedin which is a reflection of his affinity for networking and helping others.

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