My WiFi Is Down…Now What?!?

Other cloud-based medical software solutions don’t work when the wifi goes down at your practice. Symplast does.

There are three things in this world that are certain: death, taxes, and the internet in your practice going down at the worst possible time. While web-based medical software has clearly overtaken the older server-based model as the preferred choice for healthcare practices, the threat that an entire office will have to shut down whenever the internet goes out is a big concern for prospective clients of cloud-based software.


Internet down time is a lose/lose for everyone involved. The practice loses money. The staff may get sent home and may not get paid for that time period. The patients (who arranged their schedules around the doctor visit) get frustrated, and may not understand that you are not to blame. Internet outages cost time and money.


This is the risk you run when you use a web-based software. There’s no getting around it.


Or is there?


Enter Symplast, the first truly mobile, comprehensive medical software that allows you to run your entire practice from any device. Phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer…Symplast is truly device agnostic.


As a result, Symplast has a unique solution for any internet outages. Unlike other web-based solutions, Symplast keeps your practice running and your patients happy even if the wifi in your office has abandoned you. Which means you don’t lose time or money, and more importantly, you don’t have any downtime.


No internet? Simply turn off the wifi and use the data on your smartphone or 3G-enabled tablet. You can do virtually everything on your mobile device that you can do on your desktop to keep your practice running.


Need to schedule an appointment? Done!

Create a patient chart? No problem!

Sell products from your spa to a customer? Easy!


From physicians to staff, you can keep your practice up and running with this 100% secure software. All the data syncs in the cloud securely and in real time, and when the internet comes back up, you can pick right up where you left off without losing any of the data you entered during the downtime.


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