Plastic Surgery management in the virtual space


More and more medical practices are making the jump from having full-time employees to those who function both in-office and via virtual office. For some plastic surgery practices, this could look like a practice manager who is in-office 3 days a week and working remotely 2 days a week to focus on admin duties, strategic planning, and business forecasting. For med spas, this might look like having an employee at home to field calls, answer email inquiries, and book follow-up appointments. 


Virtual practice management is not a one-size-fits-all arrangement, and whether it’s a virtual receptionist, triage nurse, or full-time practice manager, giving your team the ability to function in and out of the office produces greater percentages of productivity and efficiency, not to mention employee satisfaction and retention. It also positions your practice to continue to function in the event of unforeseeable staffing issues, inclement weather, and unpredictable pandemics like covid-19. 


Today we’re reviewing ways that Symplast EHR and practice management technology position your practice manager and team to efficiently function offsite so that your practice flow and patient experience remain seamless and personal. 


practice manager working on ipad

remote communication about patient care

It should be mentioned that all communication around patient care should be secured and encrypted. 


Symplast makes it easy to communicate with your patients from anywhere at any time of day. Our secure 2-way communication via HIPAA-compliant Patient App provides a safe space for sharing details on everything from incision sites, prescription dosing, and post-operative care. Your nursing team and office staff are prepared to handle patient questions and concerns from any location, as long as they’ve got our technology set up to do so. Should a patient have an emergent need, virtual telehealth appointments can be arranged in a snap, directly from the Patient App or the patient’s health record on Symplast’s cloud-based application on an Ipad. 


Symplast’s Patient Communication Includes: 


  • Video: video documentation, encrypted video tele-health, and virtual meetings 
  • Pics: treatment plans, medical education, post-procedure pictures, patient concerns 
  • Chat Messaging: 1:1 on-demand communication for anything concerning patient care. 
  • Patient App: centralized hub in the virtual space for your patients to collaborate with you concerning their care; houses their communication and media data as part of their complete medical record. 

Inventory Management

If you were to ask a small business plastic surgery office about their breast implant consignment or medical-grade skincare or even back bar supplies, they’d tell you that inventory management is like a four-letter word for the ones in charge of making sure the numbers are accurate. Tracking minimum and maximum quantities and expiration dates get tricky, and processes for ordering can feel endless. Some cosmetic surgery practices tell us that Inventory ordering takes anywhere from 1-3 days depending on the number of vendors and SKUs. 


Here are some ways Symplast’s Inventory Management can shave time off your processes: 


  • Ensure current inventory levels match ever-changing sales volume. Keep a “virtual eye” on quantities and adjust mins/max order levels so your team doesn’t run out of patient favorites while ensuring surplus stock doesn’t expire. 
  • Virtual inventory makes it easier to focus on reordering products remotely. At the tap of a screen, spot-check sales levels for items that need reordering will save the team time on physically touching and counting every product SKU before placing orders.  
  • Mappable product dosage to treatment records to ensure that injectables like Botox Cosmetic or dermal fillers are properly accounted for and reordered so your cosmetic injectors never run out. 

reporting and dashboards

With time away from the office to focus on clinical practice growth strategies, your practice director can review key performance indicators that matter most to you by setting up fully customized detailed reports and at-a-glance performance dashboards through Symplast 


Symplast also includes our popular User Audit Report, which allows management to drill down to every single activity performed by any practice user, including invoices, surgical estimates, and payment history.  Alleviate worry about inconsistencies in transactions and keep a close eye on your staff and your financials from any location with cellular service and/or wifi. 


The Patient Demographic Report allows you to view closed/won and closed/lost opportunities to identify gaps in sales and training processes. 



As the evolution of technology continues to blur the lines of work-life balance, you can give yourself and your team some flexibility in working remotely or in a hybrid arrangement using the capabilities built into our comprehensive practice management software. Schedule a demo to discover the ways Symplast can evolve your practice team.