Symplast Named the First ‘ANN Optimized’ Partner for the Aesthetic Neural Network (ANN) Suite

Symplast users who are members of The Aesthetic Society now have free access to the robust Business Intelligence data available through the ANN platform

Fort Lauderdale, FLSymplast, the only mobile-first EHR/Practice Management platform that empowers plastic surgeons and patients, announced today that it has been named the first ‘ANN Optimized’ Partner. The Aesthetic Neural Network, or ANN, is Business Intelligence software developed by the Aesthetic Society for its members in partnership with Ronan Solutions. ANN’s 4 benchmarking Dashboards and 17 new Key Performance Indicator reports offer aesthetic surgeons a unique and groundbreaking tool to bring Evidence-Based Business to their practices, just as they’ve brought Evidence-Based Medicine into their operating rooms. The ANN Suite gives surgeons and practice managers access to aggregated data from their peers, allowing them the opportunity to compare gross charges and procedure counts against others, nationally or in their own geographic area – and providing an objective way to measure the success of new technology before purchasing.

By delivering relevant data summaries in user-friendly Dashboards and reports, ANN  supports aesthetic surgery practices to interpret their own numbers in a meaningful, practical way. A seamless and accurate connection to their existing practice management software – such as Symplast – is critical to powering ANN’s reports.

“Being named the very first ‘ANN Optimized’ Partner by the Aesthetic Society is a tremendous achievement for Symplast,” said Facundo Formica, CEO/CTO, Symplast. “This initiative to deliver meaningful, actionable data to their members through ANN is very impressive. We had a number of Symplast users nationwide asking us to join the ANN program. Once we learned more about it, we moved quickly to integrate and allow our users to enjoy the features and capabilities of this complimentary Aesthetic Society membership benefit. Adding this type of data-driven reporting into our customer’s business decisions is a big win for Symplast.”

ANN Product Manager, Melissa Schmidt: “The addition of Symplast to the growing list of practice software vendors participating in ANN is a testament to our collective commitment to fully supporting the Aesthetic Society’s members and their practice success. Once our Society members and their Practice Managers understand how easy ANN is to use, hear that it requires no additional fees or data entry, and see for themselves how beneficial our reports are in driving Business Intelligence-based decisions, they dive right in and begin to rely on their ANN Dashboards as a “one stop shop” for measuring their practice patterns.  Incorporating a cloud-based software was a significant priority for us, and we were very pleased to do this with the addition of Symplast. We look forward to offering ANN to more Aesthetic Society members because of this partnership.”


Available exclusively for Aesthetic Society members, ANN represents a revolutionary way to gather, analyze, and identify trends within your own data, alongside a comparison to collective data trends from other anonymous practices across the nation.

The ANN Suite is unique in many ways. First, ANN requires absolutely no extra data entry. Second, ANN integrates directly into your existing practice software to gather anonymous data. Third, ANN generates comparative aggregate data from all other participating practices on the network, delivering unprecedented insight into trends.

ANN’s web-based analytical Dashboards allow aesthetic surgery practices to make Evidence-Based Business decisions about purchasing, pricing, branding, timing, and more.


ANN is continuing to grow the number of practice software vendors who participate in this network. With Symplast as an ‘ANN Optimized’ Partner, their customers who are members of the Aesthetic Neural Network are capable of leveraging the Business Intelligence from all the Aesthetic Society members participating in ANN, regardless of whether they use Symplast.

The Symplast platform has been updated to include various key data point integrations so that important fields of anonymous information can easily flow into ANN. As a result, Symplast users can gain deeper insights into their own practice patterns and trends, while also comparing it with national trends, in order to hyper-target their marketing efforts.

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