Symplast Pioneers Live Video Telehealth in Aesthetic Practice Software

HIPAA Secure, Live Video Streaming Now Available with New VIDEO VISIT Breakthrough

Fort Lauderdale, FLSymplast, the #1 mobile EHR/PM for plastic surgery, announced today the release of a new live-video telemedicine feature: Video Visit. Symplast’s 3,500+ clinical users across the country can now conduct virtual consultations and other types of virtual appointments in a HIPAA secure, encrypted manner with their patients. This latest enhancement to the Symplast mobile ecosystem is included at no additional cost to every Symplast customer, delivering the convenience of virtual care to a patient’s iOS or Android mobile device.


• Ability to conduct live, HIPAA secure video appointments between the Symplast Practice App and the Symplast Patient App.
• Fully integrated and ready to use for all Symplast users – no additional fees or charges.
• Capture screenshots during the consultation that are automatically added into the patient’s file.
• Automated appointment reminder SMS text prompts patient to download Patient App for a Video Visit.
• Updated artificially intelligent Practice Flow room manager that includes Video Visit waiting area and room.


Symplast Founder Dr. Shashi Kusuma spoke to the importance telehealth has played since Symplast’s origins: “Symplast was founded on the principles of patient engagement, mobility and cutting-edge multimedia. Telemedicine and telehealth have been at the core of Symplast’s mission and vision from day one. As a plastic surgeon, I always come back to the same premise I’ve had since I founded Symplast 6 years ago: I need technology to work for me; not me working for technology. I need technology to be flexible. But most importantly, I need technology to be in the background, augmenting and optimizing my workflows; rather than interfering with them.

We’re very excited to introduce such a powerful feature into the plastic surgery workflow. There is a definite need for live video conferencing. Unfortunately, most practices are forced to resort to using Skype or Facetime to offer virtual care. This, obviously, is far from ideal due to HIPAA violations. By having a seamless, integrated telehealth offering interwoven into the clinical workflows throughout our Symplast platform, our users can more easily incorporate this advantageous offering into their business model right away.”


Symplast CEO/CTO Facundo Formica: “From a product development standpoint, our team understood that there were two critical capabilities our telehealth offering must include:

  • Actual streaming of live video, in order to replace the non-HIPAA secure alternatives of Facetime and Skype that so many practices resort to.
  • End-to-end integration of the Video Visit within the overall Symplast workflows.

The frustration that exists among doctors is that most practice software vendors advertise that they include telemedicine in their platform; yet in reality it is simply a disappointing workaround that lacks the live video component. So we knew we had to distinguish Symplast from the other EHR/PM alternatives in the market.

From a user experience standpoint, we worked diligently to ensure that our Video Visit would blend in seamlessly to the workflows of every user in the practice, not just the doctor. From the front desk scheduling the appointment, to the coordinator or staff member updating the virtual appointment’s status, to the ability for the doctor to capture screenshots during the Video Visit that are stored directly into the patient’s Multimedia Manager. I’m proud to say that our new Video Visit has exceeded all of our expectations.”

About Symplast

Founded by plastic surgeons in 2013, Symplast is the #1 Mobile EHR/PM for plastic surgery. Symplast delivers a HIPAA secure cloud platform to over 3,500 aesthetic users across the country. Symplast’s user-friendly, end-to-end solution optimizes aesthetic practices and medspas from anywhere in the world.

From front desk automation to clinical intelligence, Symplast eliminates inefficiencies with a comprehensive ecosystem that includes: EHR, PM, Virtual Consultations, Patient Engagement, e-Prescription, Financial Intelligence, POS, Analytics, Automated Appointment Reminders, HIPAA Secure Texting, and more. Symplast is also the first ANN Optimized Platform. Visit or email to learn more.

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