Business as Un-Usual: Convert to a Remote Aesthetic Business with Telehealth

Stay Open and Serve Your Patients During COVID-19 Pandemic From Anywhere in The World

As aesthetic businesses across the nation close the doors to their physical locations, a group of forward-thinking plastic surgeons are adapting to the new landscape and leveraging telehealth to proactively maintain remote touchpoints with their patients. Avoid the costly mistake of shutting down your entire business, or relegating all inbound sales inquiries to an outsourced call center.

Join Symplast Customer Success Manager Greg Hartle as he provides much-needed guidance on how to use virtual telemedicine to run your business, establish a remote workforce, and stay “top-of-mind” with patients and prospects throughout the next few months.

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COVID-19 has forever changed the patient-practice dynamic. As aesthetic business owners look ahead to re-opening the doors to their practice, it is critical to update the sales process that your business used to adhere to.

Within the first 30 seconds of an initial phone call, a patient will make the important decision of whether to proceed with your practice or to look elsewhere.
We will be reviewing mystery shop calls on this webinar to get a barometer on the experience most practices are providing for new prospective patients.

Join Dr. Shashi Kusuma as he moderates a panel of Plastic Surgeons including Dr. Tim Sayed, Dr. Adam Schaffner, and Dr. Nirav Savalia. Learn all about how Symplast allows for different practices to communicate with each other with the Symplast P2P Secure Messaging feature.