Case Study | Dr. Vasisht Saves 15 Minutes per Patient with Symplast

“My practice’s ROI has skyrocketed thanks to Symplast. My staff and I work 10x faster now. We’re able to see more patients, expand our services, and be more efficient without working longer hours, which translates into more income for the practice.”

— Bhupesh Vasisht, M.D.


Dr. Bhupesh Vasisht is the founder and medical director of South Shore Plastic Surgery in Vorhees, New Jersey. South Shore is a small practice with four employees that relies on its outstanding customer service and patient interaction to grow their business.

Dr. Vasisht was looking for a more efficient method to run his office. That led to his participation with Symplast, the first complete, 100% mobile medical software designed for plastic surgery and med spa practices.

Completing his clinical charts used to be a tedious, redundant task for Dr. Vasisht. He would treat his patient and explain the diagnosis to them. Then he would go into his office and write everything down into the clinical note. “Thanks to Symplast, I now work 10x faster than before. Instead of meeting with my patients and then going into my office and filling out their paper chart, I now simply take out my iPhone and dictate my clinical notes directly into their chart as I speak to them. Working this way easily saves me 15 minutes per patient. Not only can I see an additional four patients per day for consults and follow-ups, but I can also schedule two additional surgical procedures every two weeks. I also have more time to focus on my laser treatments and expand that sector of my offering.”

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