How to Convert More Consultations in 2020

Is your plastic surgery practice following the “Know, Like, Trust” formula in order to increase your consultation conversion rate?

The key to success lies in creating new, remote touchpoints via VIDEOS immediately following the scheduling of their consult appointment. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Learn how to break down your current consultation workflow and implement a new video-based protocol that will differentiate your business in 2020, while increasing the conversion rate of your consultations and reducing negative online reviews.

Watch this free educational webinar to learn how to implement these advantages into your aesthetic practice.

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If we’ve learned one thing from the last few months, it’s that effective digital communication is essential for keeping our presence alive in the minds and hearts of prospects and patients. Taking advantage of technology, you can inform, educate, console, and counsel.

Join Symplast and BuildMyBod Health for an exciting webinar discussing the value of providing automated, online pricing to your potential patients.