Change Well: How To Communicate With Patients In A Time Of Stress And Change

Building on the traits that patients want from their healthcare practitioners, we’ll provide a structure to communicate during the crisis. You’ll learn:

• How to create effective messages

• What media are best for engaging patients and prospects

• The importance of video communications

• How to prepare for a post COVID world

• How to put in place a successful telemedicine strategy

• What seems to be working for other cash-pay practitioners


If we’ve learned one thing from the last few months, it’s that effective digital communication is essential for keeping our presence alive in the minds and hearts of prospects and patients. Taking advantage of technology, you can inform, educate, console, and counsel. You can let patients know they are making the right decisions to come to you for care. The most effective way to do these things is with video. Whether you are reluctant, just starting, or a seasoned pro, this three-part webinar will offer practical tips you can immediately use to gain a measure of control amidst a sea of uncertainty. We will cover:

• The key elements of your digital communications strategy

• How to use video to maintain & enhance presence

• The key elements of effective video messaging

• What practitioners are doing that seems to be working

• How to set up systems to produce & distribute your own high quality, relevant videos


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Video is vitally important – because it’s the best medium to deliver a sense of human-to-human contact – Presence. As healthcare shifts more toward telemedicine, the ability to present via video will become essential.

This is a first-of-its-kind webinar where patients have a voice, are speaking, and asking for what they want. Five real aesthetic patients, of various ages and demographics, will be conversing about their own unique experiences with software as a service in the aesthetic industry

In this last webinar, we’ll go over what to do with your video to make certain it gets viewed not just by current patients, but by prospects as well. We’ll help you create a system for distributing your content.