Symplast is the first 100% mobile, complete medical software designed specifically for plastic surgeons and med spa providers

Introducing Symplast, the First Medical Software Solution That Allows Doctors to Run Their Practices from Their Smartphones

Emerging thought-leader Dr. Shashi Kusuma launches a software startup that aims to shift the paradigm in healthcare engagement, communication, and data input via mobile technology.


Fort Lauderdale, FL – Symplast, a cloud-based, 100% mobile medical software startup, announces its launch, aiming to fix the communication gaps among doctors, staff, and patients through patent pending mobile architecture.

Headquartered in the growing tech hub of South Florida, Symplast is the brainchild of Dr. Shashi Kusuma, a practicing plastic surgeon who was frustrated by the lack of real-time communication and engagement among healthcare practices, hospitals, and patients. Offering a complete solution of modules designed specifically for plastic surgeons and med spa providers, Symplast provides users the unique ability to securely manage an entire practice from any smartphone, tablet, or PC. Recently completed beta testing has already garnered inaugural customers, and Symplast is now officially available for purchase. For more information or to request a free demo, please visit or email


Featuring robust modules for practice management, inventory/POS, EHR/EMR, multimedia, and more, Symplast offers plastic surgeons and med spa providers everything they need to increase practice revenue, staff efficiency, and patient engagement in one easy-to-use solution. Its intuitive interface was created by doctors who applied their first-hand expertise to designing complete and efficient system workflows. Consisting of four unique user role apps (doctor, staff, patient, and referring physician), Symplast delivers a cloud-based ecosystem that bridges the gap in communication, resulting in improved quality of care and outcomes. Symplast is also completely secure, storing all of the encrypted data in the cloud, not on the actual device.


Mobile health is a growing trend in healthcare, with more and more patients demanding smartphone-enabled interaction with their physicians. What small to mid-sized practices need is a complete eHealth software solution built specifically for smartphones. Medical software has evolved from server-based to cloud-based to tablet-optimized, but it has yet to take the next leap to a truly device-agnostic, 100% smartphone-enabled model. Symplast has taken that leap.


The concept for a 100% mobile eHealth solution came to Dr. Kusuma after he spent yet another long night doing paperwork. “As a physician, I experienced first-hand the healthcare IT challenges that exist for small practices. When my colleagues and I founded Symplast in 2013, the driving force was to create a doctor-friendly solution that would be mobile, simple, and complete. Smartphones are the future of healthcare. Not just from the patient side, but from the practice/provider side as well. Our vision is to shift the paradigm of healthcare engagement and communication by using smart technology as a tool to connect people. With Symplast, we can change healthcare IT, one community at a time.”


Because Symplast is cloud-based and fully functional on any device, a practice can be up and running in just days, not weeks or months. Symplast eliminates the need to invest in expensive hardware, maintenance, or third-party software and is available for a flat SaaS monthly fee.


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About Symplast
Founded in 2013 by a group of plastic surgeons, Symplast is the first complete, 100% mobile medical software solution designed specifically for plastic surgeons and med spa providers. Built to be device agnostic from day one, Symplast boasts an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution that is fully functional on any smartphone, tablet, or PC. Symplast saves a practice time and money by increasing revenue, efficiency, and patient engagement. For more information, please visit or contact