Symplast & DoctorLogic: From Prospect to Patient - How to Acquire and Convert More Leads by Better Understanding the Patient Journey

DoctorLogic, the #1 Patient Acquisition Platform, has teamed up with Symplast, the #1 Mobile EHR / Practice Mgmt Platform to bring Plastic Surgeons & Medical Spas valuable information and new insights on how to move patients down the purchase funnel. We will breakdown the powerful tools and strategies needed to garner new and reoccurring patients for your practice.

Join Symplast’s Senior Practice Analyst, Randy Torban, and DoctorLogics, John Vakidis, Sales Director as they share their successes, failures, and lessons learned throughout their careers of trying new kinds of engagement and interactive tactics online.

Webinar attendees will learn:
•The Traditional and Modern Patient Acquisition Funnel
•The Patient Journey through each step
•The Retention Cycle
•Tips, Tricks, and Tests to do along the way

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Within the first 30 seconds of an initial phone call, a patient will make the important decision of whether to proceed with your practice or to look elsewhere.
We will be reviewing mystery shop calls on this webinar to get a barometer on the experience most practices are providing for new prospective patients.

As aesthetic business owners look ahead to re-opening the doors to their practice, it is critical to update the sales process that your business used to adhere to. Using data-driven milestones at strategic points along the patient conversion funnel will provide plastic surgery practices and medical spas the insight to adapt and optimize their patient journey.

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