Top 3 Features a Cosmetic Provider Needs in Their New EHR

Searching for a new EHR can be a daunting task. There is a lot of mistrust and misinformation in the industry. For plastic surgeons and cosmetic providers, the task is even more challenging. The last thing you need is a one-size-fits-all software that will frustrate you and your staff because of its unnecessary features and menus.

There are 3 key features your new EHR needs to have in order to thrive in the aesthetic industry:


In an industry where looks are everything, having compelling before-and-after images to showcase during new consults is crucial to new revenue. Your new EHR should allow you to easily capture high res images and integrate them directly into the patient’s chart with one click. It should also allow you to easily showcase them later on during new consultations. And don’t forget video. In today’s industry, utilizing video is a competitive advantage for your practice to increase patient engagement and decrease liability.


Analytical and financial reports are a must-have for any new EHR. Patients have more and more options for aesthetic procedures, which means you have more and more competition. A solid reporting module provides you the detailed insight you need to identify trends and opportunities with the procedures you offer. It also allows you to track advertising ROI. But most importantly, analytics provide you the data you need to grow the revenue of your existing patients through segmentation and forecasting.


Providers using a mobile EHR expressed twice the satisfaction level as those using non-mobile EHRs1. Even the Wall Street Journal2 has declared that the future of medicine is in your smartphone. Having a fully functional EHR on your mobile device, particularly your phone, allows you to manage your practice when you are off-site. For those surgeons who work at an ASC or hospital on a regular basis, this remote access is a must have. A truly mobile EHR can also improve your patient engagement by allowing you to input the exam room information you need without staring at a computer screen.


Selecting a new EHR is a big decision. Make sure you have thought through exactly what you, as a cosmetic provider, need out of your new software. Or else you risk going through another EHR search in the near future. 

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