What Are Workflows, and Why Do I Need Them? 

Overloading your practice personnel with daily procedures and repetitive tasks can be a recipe for errors, not to mention job burnout and turnover. It’s a delicate balance between driving your team to continuously work hard to reach business goals, and knowing when it’s time to intervene on behalf of your team, especially when it’s hard to discern if they are being engulfed by job responsibilities and delivering a 5-star patient experience. 

Creating a workflow starts with a simple question: "What's the most efficient way to get the work done?"

The daily redundant tasks that chip away at your team, slowly stealing time away from revenue-producing activities can be simplified and automated, so that your team can refocus their time and attention on improving the patient experience and selling: procedures, treatments, injections, skincare- everything. 

What Is A Workflow? 

A workflow is a process that is created to complete redundant tasks.  In other words, it’s the sequence of tasks and business processes from start to finish. Workflows can be simple or more complex and can involve a single person or your entire team. Originally designed to organize a workforce to use complex machinery, creating a workflow starts with a simple question: “What’s the most efficient way to get the work done?” For most plastic surgery practices, the internal surgical booking process involves a series of repeated steps for each surgical patient, from collecting the patient’s surgical deposit to booking the operating room and anesthesiologist to scheduling pre-op appointments, medical clearance, and procedure consents, and collecting surgical balance. 

Throughout the patient surgical journey, the patient’s chart will pass through many hands at different times, all with the goal of preparing for a positive patient experience and surgical result. In this instance, creating a custom workflow for your practice’s surgical booking processes would reduce the time and manpower needed to ensure tasks are completed by the patient’s surgery date. 

How Can You Simplify A Workflow? 

You might have heard the expression many hands make light work, but workflows built by aesthetic technology ultimately involve fewer hands and lighter work for your team. That’s right. Creating a workflow using a comprehensive and intuitive EHR and practice management tool like Symplast will simplify tasks for your team while seamlessly moving patients through their journey with your practice, from consult to close (booking surgeries and treatments), telehealth visits, and more. 

Symplast Workflows and Platform saves doctors time!

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“My practice’s ROI has skyrocketed thanks to Symplast. My staff and I work 10x faster now. We’re able to see more patients, expand our services, and be more efficient without working longer hours, which translates into more income for the practice.”

Workflow Software Reduces Margin of Error 

Not only can workflow management software automate a series of tasks, but it also identifies opportunities to optimize your workflow steps and prevent bottle-necking in the entire process so that all steps are completed correctly.  Your custom automations eliminate the hassle and the amount of time your team spends performing manual checks through patient charts and multiple systems to ensure documents like patient intake and photo and procedure consents and other project tasks are completed perfectly.

Tour Symplast's Workflow Features 

Symplast is a comprehensive solution for plastic surgeons and med-spas. Our cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) is built to suit every step of your patients’ journeys, all while supporting your practice with media management, marketing, and practice management features like workflow automation.  We’d love to walk through a comprehensive tour of our platform so that you can discover the Symplast difference.