The Importance of Understanding Ransomware and Cyber Attacks


What is ransomware and how does  it work:

Did you know that ransomware is a software that can extort your company? This is achievable through locking you out of your computer, downloading your confidential data, and having the power to share anything from your computer to another. Victims of a cyber attack may be threatened or extorted to pay a ransom to get back access to their database. 

How does a cyber attack happen:

Ransomware is fairly common to come across. For example, a cyber attack can happen when someone views an infected website. Similarly, when visiting an infected websites, malware can be installed without the users’ knowledge. Another form of acquiring ransomware is by clicking through phishing emails. By opening or clicking on one malicious email can endanger your data and access to your data.

Statistics of Healthcare Ransomware Attacks:

How To Prevent  Ransomware from attacking you and your company or practice:

It’s important to use proactive software to keep ransomware from attacking you. A true cloud or also known as a secure cloud, will protect your company/healthcare practice data. A secure cloud is a completely online unlimited storage space for as many users as wanted that protects your data that is featured on their platform. 

True Cloud Protection

A true cloud is managed by a cloud provider allowing users to easily use their software without any complications. Moreover, it protects users from accessing accidental malicious malware. It blocks hackers from exposing confidential information from your practice and patients’ medical documents. This is done by using encrypted data, which will appear scrambled or unreadable to a person or entity accessing without permission.

Protect Your Practice with Symplast

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